Emergency Air Conditioner Repair

Technician repairing an air conditioning unit.

Emergency Air Conditioner Repair from Skilled Professionals

Have you found yourself stuck in the summer heat without a functioning air conditioner? It may be time call to your local air conditioning service company. And that call might be a 911 if the temperature is rising and your air conditioning system isn’t doing anything to cool things down.

There are plenty of other things that may indicate you need help as well, whether it’s time for repairs or air conditioner replacement for a faulty unit. If you need emergency air conditioner repair in Greater Tampa Bay Area, FL, get the help you need ASAP by calling the Air Zero team at (727) 392-6111.

When to Call for Emergency Repair

Among the first things to keep in mind is that air conditioner repair is always an emergency when it concerns the safety of your household. If your air conditioner isn’t able to cool things down properly, or if it’s not working at all, you shouldn’t hesitate to call for help. 

This is especially true if you have elderly family members, disabled family members, children, or even pets that could suffer due to extreme weather conditions. In general, it is a good idea to go ahead and reach out for emergency air conditioner repair if your system isn’t blowing enough cool air and the temperature outside is over 90 degrees.

Is it an Emergency or Not?

Some other indicators of problems with your air conditioning system aren’t always signs of an emergency. For example, if you notice strange sounds coming from your unit, many things could be causing the problem. If the sounds are subtle, you may be able to put the issue off, at least for a little while. But particularly loud sounds and sounds that hint at further damage being done to your unit should be checked out right away.

Also important to note is that air conditioners can sometimes begin showing signs of excessive moisture coming from the unit. This is often the result of issues such as a clogged drain or frozen coils. It can be easy to ignore this kind of problem, but this is one of the bigger emergency issues you may face with your air conditioning. This is because water can cause major damage to your air conditioner as well as your home. 

Signs of Electrical Issues in Your System

Another sign you need emergency air conditioner repair is any lingering odor that could indicate a serious problem with your system. This should never be ignored if you’ve noticed a burning aroma coming through your air conditioning system. Not only can this be a sign your system has experienced serious damage, but it could also be a safety issue if it is a problem with your air conditioning system’s wiring.

If your air conditioning system is experiencing electrical problems, it could also end up tripping the breaker connected to the unit. While the breaker connected to your air conditioner may go out on occasion, it is always smart to call for emergency air conditioner repair if the breaker is being tripped repeatedly. Likewise, if you turn your air conditioning on and experience issues such as the lights dimming while it’s in use, you should seek professional help as quickly as you can.

Get Emergency Air Conditioner Repair ASAP

Have you found yourself in need of emergency air conditioner repair in Greater Tampa Bay Area, FL? There is no reason you should have to delay getting the help you need. Our team can be there to take care of your problems and get your air conditioner back in shape. Call Air Zero today at (727) 392-6111 for emergency service.