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What is the Difference Between a Package Unit and a Split System Air Conditioner?   You have probably heard the terms AC split system and a package unit. But do you know the difference?   AC package unit   A package unit is kind of like a giant window AC unit.

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Why Does the "AUX" Setting on my Thermostat Come on and What Does it Mean?   "Aux" is short for auxiliary heat. If you have "aux" light on your thermostat, it means your air conditioning/heating system is a heat pump system.

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How Do I Wire an AC Thermostat?   You just bought a new thermostat but which wire goes where? First, before you even attempt to change out a thermostat from the Air Conditioner , shut off the power to the air handler.

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Why You Should Consider a Dehumidifier in Your Florida House We all know Florida has one of the most humid climates in the United States. Having a dehumidifier in addition to your air conditioning system can benefit your health, comfort levels, and house.

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