What is the Difference Between a Package Unit and a Split System Air Conditioner?

  package unit vs split systemYou have probably heard the terms AC split system and a package unit. But do you know the difference?


AC package unit


A package unit is kind of like a giant window AC unit. Meaning all the components necessary for cooling are in one single cabinet.

The compressor, condensing unit, and air handler are all contained in a single enclosure. The entire ac-package unit system is located on the exterior of the space that is being conditioned. These HVAC systems come pre-charged with refrigerant from the factory. Often these units are installed where there is limited space for duct work or traditional central AC split systems.

An example would be a mobile home or where there is a crawl space/duct work under the structure.By the nature of the installation, the duct is typically on the exterior of the structure.

Because of this, the duct work deteriorates faster, either from rodents and critters chewing to it or just from general exposure to elements. These units tend to offer a lower efficiency rating. We have noticed that these units although may be required for the application, tend to deteriorate quicker than a more traditional split systems.


HVAC split system


package unit vs split systemThis is the most common type of air conditioning system in residential houses today. This system has a condensing unit that has the compressor and condensing coil located on the exterior of the structure.

Refrigerant lines connect the condensing unit to the air handler which has the evaporator and blower located on the interior. The air handler can be in an attic space or closet, or anywhere space is available. These units offer much greater efficiency ratings.

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