Florida’s summer heat poses a serious threat to the health and safety of our citizens. In fact, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council, it’s estimated that more than 150,000 people will lose their lives due to excessive heat by the end of the century—and that’s just in the top 40 cities in the nation. Florida, in particular, is expected to see an increase in heat-related deaths in upcoming years, mainly due to global warming and its associated effects. For these reasons, getting your Florida AC installation done now – before the summer heat wave hits – is more important than ever.

Getting your Florida AC installation finished before summer starts can help ensure:

  • Your family is healthy and not at risk for heat exhaustion or other related problems. First and foremost, installing your AC early can safeguard your family and loved ones from heat-related health problems, like stroke, heat exhaustion or even death.
  • Your home is cool and comfortable as soon as it gets hot. Florida weather is unpredictable. The summer heat could start as early as March or April, and having your AC installed now can ensure you and your home are adequately prepared for it.
  • You can get on the schedule quickly and easily. As summer approaches, more and more property owners will be looking to get their AC systems installed. The more in-demand this service becomes, the harder it’s going to be to get an appointment. You could end up waiting weeks to get your unit installed if you wait too long!

Want to get a head start and schedule your Florida AC installation now, before the summer heat hits? Then contact Air Zero today. We’ll come out to your home, business or commercial property as soon as possible to help install your new unit. We can even help with equipment sales if you’re not sure which system to invest in just yet. Call us now to get started.