Obviously, if your AC has stopped working, it’s time to call in a repairman – especially if it’s the middle of Florida summer. Unfortunately, not all AC-related issues are that cut and dry. You may have heard the expression, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” The truth is, though, that fixing something that doesn’t seem broken can be the best decision! You might be in need of Clearwater air conditioning repair and not even know it!

Do you know how well your AC is working? Follow these five steps and see if you need Clearwater air conditioning repair at your home:

  1. Check the temperature – Measure the air temperature at the intake vent and then again at an outflow vent. The difference between the two should be at least 15 degrees. If it’s not, then your AC is not cooling as efficiently as it should.
  2. Listen for noise – AC units should be fairly quiet. If you’re hearing squealing, squeaking or clunking, then something’s definitely wrong. There could be a loose or disconnected part, or the motor or fan blades could need replacing.
  3. Feel the airflow – Put your hand in front of a vent and feel how strong the air current is coming out of it. You should feel a pretty steady stream of airflow – especially if you’ve just changed the filter. If you’re not feeling a significant amount of air, it’s time to call in a pro.
  4. Look for moisture – Inspect your unit, and check for any wet spots or areas where moisture has built up. This can indicate there is a leak somewhere – either in refrigerant or in the drainage tube. Either way, it needs immediate attention.
  5. Do the smell test – If the air coming out of your vents has begun to take on a funny smell – burnt, sour or musty are the most common – then something has gone wrong. Your insulation may have burned out, your ductwork may be malfunctioning or there could be a problem with your unit.

If you recognize any of these signs in your own home, you may be in need of Clearwater air conditioning repair. Contact Air Zero today for help!