St Pete Air Conditioner Replacement

No matter how well you maintain your AC unit the eventual decline of your system is inevitable in a hot state like Florida. If you’re not ready for it, an AC breakdown could leave you and your family in a hot, uncomfortable home for days or even weeks. Fortunately, there are a number of red flags that can indicate your unit is on its last legs. If you’re able to recognize these signs early, you could prevent a total breakdown and ensure that your home is never without AC in the heat of the summer.

Want to monitor the state of your air conditioning? Then watch for these tell-tale signs of decline:

  • The airflow is weak – Take a minute to go feel your air vents. Is the flow coming out of them, strong? Or is it just barely blowing? Weak airflow could indicate a serious (and costly) issue in your unit. It could mean that your blower or fan is damaged and that a breakdown of the entire system is imminent. If you feel weaker-than-normal air flow, check your air filters first. If they’re clogged, that may be the culprit. If not, call a technician as soon as possible for a full evaluation.
  • The unit is noisy – AC units are designed to be quiet, so any time you notice a new noise or sound coming from your system, consider it a red flag. Rattling, shaking and banging noises typically mean a part has broken down or become loose, and it will likely need to be replaced. Get a professional to check out your unit as soon as possible if you begin hearing strange noises.
  • It takes longer to work – When it comes to issues with air conditioning, St. Petersburg FL residents stuck in the heat can most easily recognize this one. If your AC unit suddenly stops cooling your home as quickly as it used to, it usually means there’s a big problem. You could have a refrigerant leak, rusted or corroded pipes, or a broken condenser or fan. Regardless of the underlying issue, it typically means your unit is about ready to quit on you.
  • It needs repairs often – A small repair every once in a while is not a big deal; in fact, most large appliances require a repair at least every couple years. If your unit starts requiring a fix every month, or even every six months, it’s definitely time to consider a replacement. You’ll probably spend less on a new unit than you would on a year’s worth of repairs if it breaks down often.
  • Your energy bills are higher – In Florida, air conditioning bills are always a bit higher in the summer. If they go up in any other season or if they suddenly get even higher than usual in the summer months, it indicates that there is probably a problem within the AC unit. The system may simply be out of date and no longer as efficient as it once was, or it could be in need of repairs or replacement parts. It’s important to get the unit evaluated as soon as possible to prevent even more added costs.

To ensure proper, working air conditioning, St. Petersburg FL residents need to be diligent about regular maintenance. They should also be able to recognize potential red flags that indicate their units are aging or in need of replacement or repair. This will not only keep their home cool and their loved ones safe, but it will also ensure that energy bills and operating costs stay low.

If you think there’s a problem with your AC system, contact Air Zero today. Our experts can evaluate your home and recommend the appropriate solution for your needs and budget.