AC Maintenance

Do you keep your AC unit properly maintained on a regular basis? All AC manufacturers carry a clause in their warranty that states your machine must be cared for and maintained consistently. However, we know it is not super common for homeowners to remember to keep their air conditioning units properly serviced. 

That's where Air Zero can help! Our team of trained St. Petersburg AC maintenance professionals takes your home’s air quality seriously, so we put together a list of reasons why homeowners should keep up with their HVAC systems. If you are concerned with any of these issues make sure to give us a call for help.

Save Yourself Money

When your AC unit is not working properly your HVAC system has to constantly be running to maintain an optimal temperature. You will save money by having an efficiently running ac unit because your home will not constantly be burning energy to stay cool. You can also save money by using proper maintenance to keep your air conditioner under warranty.

Give Your Home Great Indoor Air Quality

If anyone in your family has issues with allergies, improving your home’s air quality could offer a great amount of relief. Sometimes this poor indoor air quality comes from mold and mildew that has built up in the ducts of your AC unit. Taking proper care of these parts of your unit will ensure your family is getting the best air possible.

Ensure the Proper Temperature Throughout Your Home

When your ductwork is clogged up it can cause certain rooms of your home to not get the proper heating and cooling they need to be at an ideal temperature. Getting this area of your home properly cleaned and maintained will ensure your home is comfortable no matter which room you are in.

Ensure the Safety of Your Home and Precious Items

Unfortunately, HVAC systems fail and if this happens in the winter your home could suffer from severe damage through a pipe bust. You could also experience damage to your family through carbon dioxide coming through a failed heat exchanger. Stay away from these potentially expensive and fatal issues and ensure your home’s HVAC system is properly maintained.

It Will Help the Environment

Your air conditioning system functions through energy which is created through fuel. The best thing you can do for the environment is to keep your AC unit up to date ensuring it runs as little as possible throughout the year. You can also use different refrigerants depending on which AC unit your home uses.

Call Your St. Petersburg Air Conditioning Maintenance Team Today

If you are looking to get your air conditioning unit serviced it is time to call the professionals at Air Zero. We are more than capable of servicing any unit your home is equipped with. Contact us today to discuss the services we provide under our club membership.